Peeing Our Pants

IMG_2401I am not counting down or anything….Buuuutttt my favorite week of the whole entire year is starting in 5 hours!!  Every year my dad’s side of the family rents a house up in Tahoe for a whole week and we do nothing but eat and swim and just be plain lazy, except sometimes we throw a hike in there too.

On my dad’s side there are 6 siblings altogether, 5 boys and 1 girl (don’t feel sorry for Auntie Nora, she is just as bad as the rest of them haha).  During the week we have between 15-20 people in the house at any given time and the ages range from 13 to 84.

Tahoe week has been a tradition since before I was born so I have a ton of fun memories, here is one.

For some reason we did not put the trash out on the right day, or we just had more trash than normal….and that is not something you want sitting around your house for a whole week.  My aunt, my younger brother and I threw the trash bags into the back of my grandma’s big red Ford truck and went on an excursion to find public trash bins…problem was, not so many of them were very public.  We ended up (probably much more noticeably than we thought) dumping small amounts of trash bags into different bins across the town of South Lake Tahoe.

At one point my brother was somehow halfway in the trash bin and I shut the top on him!  It was plastic so he didn’t get hurt, but I am pretty sure all three of us peed our pants a little bit from laughing.

So anyways….I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUNDAY!!!!!

Hopefully there will be pictures and fun stories to come, so stay tuned.

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